New release of Sorlov.PowerShell

Did some restructuring again and some more modifications.

Major news are that Sorlov.PowerShell.OfficeAutomation.dll now is deprecated and no-longer maintained. All Cmdlets have instead been moved into Sorlov.PowerShell.Core.dll as it nolonger have any external dependencies.

You now have two routes availiable if you are working with Word/Excel files with the library:

Using Automation (requires Word/Excel but have more features): Out-Word, Out-Excel, Import-ExcelWorkbook, ConvertFrom-Word, ConvertFrom-Excel

Not using Automation (does not require Word/excel but not as feature complete): Out-OWord, Out-OExcel, Import-OExcelWorkbook

If you try to invoke automation commands where no automation is availiable you will get a error.

To help with making code that works as seamless as possible two automatic aliases have been introduced to help you automatically bind to best version: ConvertTo-Excel and ConvertTo-Word which on startup selects best version. The aliases are only loaded if you are using the state-saving Engine (default when using the full kit).


New release of Sorlov.PowerShell.Core and Sorlov.PowerShell.OfficeAutomation

Another updated version have been released.

The size of OfficeAutomation is very big now, increase by almost 6000k, but have a experimental version on only 200k so update will follow soon.
Also lots of update to Core. There is one known annoyance right now. When you create a SelfHostedPS file it stays locked by PowerShell untill close, the reason and fix is known and will be updated very shortly.

Sorlov.PowerShell.Core – v1.5.0.0
* New-SelfHostedPS: Generates correct code even if in .net 2.0
* New-SelfHostedPS: Hides the console completely when -HideConsole is specified (no flickering console)
* New-SelfHostedPS: Support for embeddable modules even for services
* New-SelfHostedPS: Built-in support for signing files (Authenticode)
* New-SelfHostedPS: Returns information for generated file
* Some commands removed due to duplicate functionallity in PSv3 (or earlier)
  – Get-DNSData (Resolve-DnsName)
  – Get-InternetFile (Invoke-WebRequest)
  – Get-SMTPServer (Resolve-DnsName)
* Major internal cleanup in code
* Get-LatestVersion now supports -ReleaseNotes to retrieve the release notes
* Fixed issue when persisting paths with spaces in them

Sorlov.PowerShell.OfficeAutomation – v2.0.0.0
* Removed dependencies on Office 2013 (now uses late binding via NetOffice instead)
* Supports Office 2003 or newer but at large increase in size (reduction in progress)
* Major internal restructuring