Finally deployed my first real application to Azure.

Today I have finally deployed my first application “real” application to Azure and also started to port one of my blog applications to use Azure storage. In addition to that I’m using Azure as a backend for a Sharepoint procurement solution I’m involved with building. I’m very intrested in how the pricing model for Azure will be.. Read more about azure and apply for the beta at if you haven’t already! And no, I’m still no developer, but to understand how to better help and manage the applications that are handed down from developers to us technhans I really like to be in “their head”.

Preparing for TechDays 2009 in Västerås

To sum it up: Be there or be square. =)

If you are a MCT then be sure to attend the softskills pre-confrence event the 16:th
If you are not a MCT then please come to the TechDays event and lets meet in the lab, or the bar. =)

I’m very engaged at the moment in training at my work, and havn’t had time to update the blog as offen as I would like to, but after TechDays (17-18th of March) I will be updating regularly again. I will be running some of Informators labs in the HOL area on site at TechDays. I will also arrange a pre-conference event the 16:th for MCTs so pretty busy right now. But rest azure (phun intended!) I will update soon again!