Presenting SharePoint 2010 at Microsoft sommarkollo 2010

I will present a whole day session about SharePoint 2010 for IT-pro in Stockholm at Microsoft Sommarkollo.

The session will be in swedish and here is the swedish description SharePoint 2010 – kickstart för it-Pro: Vi tittar närmre SharePoint 2010 och de nya funktionerna som finns för it-proffs. Följ med förbi listor och libraries, in i central admin och den nya mer skalbara och feltoleranta arkitekturen, bakom kulisserna där vi som it-proffs jobbar. Tips & trix i PowerShell och automatisering, samt hur vi egentligen bör uppdatera vår befintliga miljö.

Registration and info about sommarkollo:

MCT Live Summit 2010!

MCTs and Educators from everywhere will gather in York, UK, this August for the MCT Live Summit 2010. This is a project arranged together with Myself, Andrew Bettany, MCT Europe and Microsoft Learning and lot’s of sponsors. I’m really excited, the sessions have now been selected and the programme have been published, we are really excited about the selection which have been voted forward with the help of hundreds of MCTs from all over the world!! Ps. I will present some really new and exciting sessions about the IPv6 courses and about MDT/WDS and classroom installs!

Please visit and register now! Se you in york!

userexec.exe, a simple runas replacement

Have you ever needed to run a command as a different user? Perhaps they should run a command in a user context they normally cannot? Usually used for quick fixes you could create a simple script using some vb-script and expose the password or use a runas command in a batch file? But you don’t want the user to have the password, right? Well the answer is a quick utility I coded up using .net 2.0:

Userexec.exe is a command line program that basically works just as runas except: it can accept passwords on the command line, and it can accept a encrypted command line. The encryption is a basic quick one but should keep average Joe from getting your password. This is NOT a best practice and probably there is a better way of solving the problem.. but anyways find it attached to my post.

            UserExec by Daniel Sörlöv,, all rights reserved 2010.
            USEREXEC USAGE:
            USEREXEC /u:<username> /p:<password> /c:<command> 
                    [ /l | /h | /m | /x | /a:<arguments> ]
            USEREXEC /e:<string-to-encrypt>

               /l   Causes the users profile to be loaded
               /h   Hides the requested application
               /m   Runs the command minimized
               /s Specifies the path on which to start
               /x   Use encrypted command line
            > userexec /l /u:mydomain\administrator /p:mypass /c:”cmd.exe”
            > userexec /e:<string to encrypt>
            > userexec /h /u:mydomain\administrator /p:mypass /c:”cmd.exe” /a:”/c auto.bat”

Use it if you need it, send me reports if something fails and perhaps I will fix it. The tools is without guarantee and without support but could be quite usefull. Download here

My first ever Android app published..

I bought a Android phone (HTC Desire) a couple of weeks ago and I have never been so happy with a phone ever. Extensible etc. One thing I wanted is to check which operator a contact has so it will be simple determine how much it will cost to call them.. there was no such application so I started to write one inspired by the application KtoryOperator already on the Android Market. After a couple of days, writing, adapting and changing it’s ready. So if you have a swedish phone number in your contacts and wish to look it up just download the “Vilken Operator?” software from Android Market and you can check your phone book.. comments are appreciated and also bug reports (this is my first ever java-project).. send them by email!

About IPv6 and other stuff at TechEd NA 2010..

This year there is many hot topics at TechEd North America and here is my sessions for all you fans out there.. =)

“We Come in Peace, or IPv6 Does Not Bite ” Tuesday, June 8, 8:00AM, Room 353

“IPv6: Time to Wake Up!” Tuesday, June 8, 1:30PM, Room 354

“How do you build or strengthen local developer and IT Pro communities?” Wednesday June 9, 5:00PM, Room 355