With the very nice software YOURLS I have setup a site to provide me with short and easy urls for different projects, reports and resources I use frequently. I have also decided to have the service open for anyone who wish to create their own short and nice-looking URLs.

Create your own ffwd link on http://ffwd.link/

The service offers some special options for calling on the created short-urls. If you get the url http://ffwd.link/abc1234 you then can append one of several suffixes strings to call specific functions. Example
http://ffwd.link/abc1234.qr would generate a QR-code. All suffixes are outlined here:

.p = display a short info page (with thumbnail and QR-code) to visitors
.j = json results
.i = thumbnail of the site (will generate async)
.qr = show a breif.link-QR-code to print or share
.s = statistics page (still under refinement)