I must be so lucky…

Spam. We all get it in bundles, again and again, over and over.. I decided to just do some math (yes I was really bored during a chick-flick my wife “convinced” me to see)

During March the following have happened to me according to spammers:

72 relatives whom I never knew have died, leaving me about $452,000,000 USD
16 Nigerian bank executives contacted me with over $30,000,000,000 USD in unclaimed money
502 letters about cheaper Viagra
64 mails from my “bank” about my password and credit card needing changing
22 mails from “face book” about my account being deleted
47 policy changes on my mail server requiring me to download a new settings.exe file

…and all I had to do was to pay some taxes or give them my credit card number.. lucky me.. soon a millionarie..
This was just a short note about nothing but pure frustration.. =)

Live long and prosper.