A box of goodies!

Today I recivied a big package from my friends over at Gemalto with loads of Smartcards (.NET Cards) and card readers etc. During the comming few days I will publish a small guide on smart-card and smart-card management using PowerShell. (Yes you can do that!). Specificly I will be talking about cards that already have drivers implemented in Windows such as the .NET Card from Gemalto. Stay tuned for updates!

New blog!

I have now moved my blog to a private server where I can control the database, code and loads more.

This gives better advantages for formatting, functionallity etc. I’m currently moving content, much by hand (or trough site scaping) since the old host did not allow exports of my content.

This also means many posts are missing attachments, keywords etc, but stay tuned and rest azure (phun intended) that I’m working on it!

The new address is http://daniel.sorlov.com