Swedish MCT/MVP Summit – August 21-22

Swedish MCTs, this is for you: MCT Sweden and Microsoft are hosting an MCT/MVP Summit at Microsoft’s Stockholm office on August 21st and 22nd.

On the first day, hear technical presentations from product managers in multiple tracks. After a fun evening activity, learn informally on day two in Open Space sessions where participants and presenters can discuss, teach and learn. More detailed info to be released shortly on the MCT Sweden site, and there is also a request for content on the site.

The entire event will be held in Swedish and requires registration, however the event is free for all MCTs and MVPs to attend. For more information, registration and information visit MCT Sweden or email info@mctsweden.se (please remember your Transcript ID and Transcript Sharing Code if you request access to the site).

Come and listen to SBS and EBS at Sommarkollo!

Currently enjoying my vacation and a momentary pause in the relentless raining here in sweden. Anyways; I have been selected to present on SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 at the Microsoft Sommarkollo 2009 in Sweden. The Sommarkollo (Summer Camp) is a free Microsoft event arranged yearly where partners and customers are invited during the summer to deep dive into lots of subjects in live sessions. The event spans over several dates and cities. Visit the site for more information. Se below for my sessions, dates and times, and a link to register yourself as a attendee. Welcome!

Small Business Server 2008: Small Business Server is a classic, this session is aimed at technicans about to plan, implent and administer SBS.
Date: 25/6 Gothenburg, 0900-1200 – To register click here!
Date 20/8 Stockholm, 0900-1200 – To register click here!

Essential Business Server 2008: Learn more about the EBS concept, effectiveness and gains.
Date: 25/6 Gothenburg, 1300-1600 – To register click here!
Date 20/8 Stockholm, 1300-1600 – To register click here!

Sneek preview of Swedish national MCT community

Just letting everyone know that MCT Sweden (a community initiative) now have been formalized and were starting a website, blog and private native language forums. Also working on alot more features to offer swedish MCTs on the site such as online profiles and blog functionality. Amongst the fun things that we will offer in complement to what is offererd from Microsoft is:

* local swedish discounts (several about to be signed)
* real courses in pedagody and TTTs in local language
* quarterly events in stockholm, gothenburg and malmoe
* discount at accounting services (many of us are freelancers)
* social events

MCT sweden is not affiliated with any CPLS, nor are we ar religous group or anything like that. We´re just a bunch of MCTs creating some additional advantages of beeing a MCT. Maximizing the network advantages of the highly skilled professionals in the MCT programe. The group main objective is to raise the already high standards of MCTs. Providing aspects such as soft skills and other things that we need to be good at technology.

There is still lots to do and if you are a Swedish (scandinavian?) MCT and would like to participate, or help with the community dont hesitate to  vistit the website. (Mind it’s still on some poor hardware so could be kind of slow at the moment)… http://www.mctsweden.se

Also; a reminder about the BBQ event the 10:th of june in Stockholm: