Updates to Sorlov.Powershell (now v3.0.0.0)

It’s vaccation time but some refactoring have been done.

Loads of small tweaks and fixes, and much better errorhandling and overall stability. About 200 minor fixes logged.

* Changed: Integrated all auto-start functionallity of PSLoader library (now only one DLL!!)
* Changed: Prompt and colors are by default set, persistance is not set automatically and needs to be enabled manually from this release (in the data section of the psd1 file). If you have old version and upgrade your settings will not be migrated and you will need to redo them! If the psd1 is not present all intialization will be skipped just to make sure that the system will work under most circumstances.
* Changed: Initialize-PSEnvironment removed and always called on load of the module (and now more error resistant)
* Changed: Save-PSEnvironment renamed to Exit-PSEnvironment and is ALWAYS called automatically but can be called also to manually force a save of persistance data to disk if configured.

Good Hyper-V router

Tried to install DD-WRT today as a router for my virtual environment in Hyper-V.
Worked very well and does not require very much resources so sharing some very simple steps:


1. Download Phydiskwrite bundle with GUI from http://m0n0.ch/wall/physdiskwrite.php
2. Download Community version of DD-WRT from http://www.dd-wrt.com/routerdb/de/download/X86/X86///dd-wrt_public_vga.image/3744
3. Create and mount an empty VHD of 50mb from within the DiskManagement MMC console.
4. Start the PhydiskwriteGUI with admin privs. Write the image file to the virtual disk (make sure to select right disk!!) by right clicking the virtual disk and selecting to write image. When you browse for image you must select *.* as filter as it is by default setup for *.img not *.image
5. Unmount the VHD
6. Create a virtual machine with 1 cpu, 64mb ram, attach the VHD and two legacy network adapters (1 to external and one to the host-internal network)
7. Start the VM. It will now have a dhcp running so connect to and configure.
8. Done!