Disclaimer: The information, programs and scripts are free, provided without support and guarantees. The use of theese is purely on your own risk and I cannot be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that may be caused bu the use of this program.

HomeAutomation is a passion for me, making everyday simpler and easier. Technology is around to assist us. I have also developed some code for HomeAssistant in regards to Stockholms Lokaltrafik.

Sorlov.PowerShell is a library containing Everything I needed in my daily work as systems administrator and scripter when using PowerShell. About 2600 (!!) registered users were once using the library. Today open source code and kind of almost sort of maintained.

Sorlov.UserExec It’s back again by popular request! A small replacement utility for RunAs. Supports supplying passwords. Can solve some direct issues but I otherwise recommend to use PowerShell to solve whatever you are trying to do in some other way. This is really bad security practice but sometimes an admin got do do what an admin does… quick and dirty and so on…

Sorlov.OrchestratorActivities is a project that was never finnished, it was a crossover between PowerShell and Orchestrator. Could be used for some inspiration if you still use that stuff.