Azure Information Protection is now GA

“Information wants to be free” is the stroke of many bad people out there, but completely untrue it is not. Or, at least, it’s not the idea that information wants to be mobile. A tough difference. For this I have always propagated RMS (Rights Management Services) as protection. It protects the document itself, no matter where it is. It is a cornerstone of information security – that we can actually protect. The problem with RMS has long been just how to attack to actually classify, set permissions and crash work with RMS. It has been more or less insurmountable. Now, Microsoft has taken a leap and released AIP, which includes our former hero RMS, but also the new fighter we received when Microsoft bought the Secure Islands. AIP is about how we classify, follow up, and enable sharing of information.

Certainly not an Office 365 product without an Azure product, but it solves so many problems we’ve had on the productivity page so it’s impossible to talk about it. It builds on and above all, the new way of working is amazingly amazing. Read more at