userexec.exe, a simple runas replacement

Have you ever needed to run a command as a different user? Perhaps they should run a command in a user context they normally cannot? Usually used for quick fixes you could create a simple script using some vb-script and expose the password or use a runas command in a batch file? But you don’t want the user to have the password, right? Well the answer is a quick utility I coded up using .net 2.0:

Userexec.exe is a command line program that basically works just as runas except: it can accept passwords on the command line, and it can accept a encrypted command line. The encryption is a basic quick one but should keep average Joe from getting your password. This is NOT a best practice and probably there is a better way of solving the problem.. but anyways find it attached to my post.

            UserExec by Daniel Sörlöv,, all rights reserved 2010.
            USEREXEC USAGE:
            USEREXEC /u:<username> /p:<password> /c:<command> 
                    [ /l | /h | /m | /x | /a:<arguments> ]
            USEREXEC /e:<string-to-encrypt>

               /l   Causes the users profile to be loaded
               /h   Hides the requested application
               /m   Runs the command minimized
               /s Specifies the path on which to start
               /x   Use encrypted command line
            > userexec /l /u:mydomain\administrator /p:mypass /c:”cmd.exe”
            > userexec /e:<string to encrypt>
            > userexec /h /u:mydomain\administrator /p:mypass /c:”cmd.exe” /a:”/c auto.bat”

Use it if you need it, send me reports if something fails and perhaps I will fix it. The tools is without guarantee and without support but could be quite usefull. Download here