New release of Sorlov.PowerShell.Core and Sorlov.PowerShell.OfficeAutomation

Another updated version have been released.

The size of OfficeAutomation is very big now, increase by almost 6000k, but have a experimental version on only 200k so update will follow soon.
Also lots of update to Core. There is one known annoyance right now. When you create a SelfHostedPS file it stays locked by PowerShell untill close, the reason and fix is known and will be updated very shortly.

Sorlov.PowerShell.Core – v1.5.0.0
* New-SelfHostedPS: Generates correct code even if in .net 2.0
* New-SelfHostedPS: Hides the console completely when -HideConsole is specified (no flickering console)
* New-SelfHostedPS: Support for embeddable modules even for services
* New-SelfHostedPS: Built-in support for signing files (Authenticode)
* New-SelfHostedPS: Returns information for generated file
* Some commands removed due to duplicate functionallity in PSv3 (or earlier)
  – Get-DNSData (Resolve-DnsName)
  – Get-InternetFile (Invoke-WebRequest)
  – Get-SMTPServer (Resolve-DnsName)
* Major internal cleanup in code
* Get-LatestVersion now supports -ReleaseNotes to retrieve the release notes
* Fixed issue when persisting paths with spaces in them

Sorlov.PowerShell.OfficeAutomation – v2.0.0.0
* Removed dependencies on Office 2013 (now uses late binding via NetOffice instead)
* Supports Office 2003 or newer but at large increase in size (reduction in progress)
* Major internal restructuring