Swedish TLD-domain owners .SE fails miserably!

Today there was a human mistake done in the TLD .SE zone which made the whole .se tld non-functional for many hours. The error was very simple, a missed . (dot) in a file, resulting in “.se.se” instead of “.se”. I  think this brings to focus the importance if testing before putting stuff in production enviroments, something that many sysadmins take lightly on and something .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) have been ignoring for many years while the community have remarked on it. The governmental organisation PTS have been reluctant to “interfere” with .SE.  It will be interesting to se if PTS (The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency) will be carring out some investigation into how this could happen this time or yet again ignore it. How could one failed dot bring a TLD down, why were there no testing procedures in place or was it a blatant disregard of all regulations and policies by one guy who wanted to go home? Will be a interesting few days ahead..