Starwind about to release fantastic update to iSCSI target!

I have used and recomended StarWind iSCSI target for some time now, it have just never disapointed me – however the latest release, 5.0, really blows my mind away. Not only have they redone the gui (which now in retrospect haven’t been that intuitive before) to a truly modern interface they have also improved on their data mirroring functionality. I’m now able to create a real HA (Highly-Available) cluster. This is nothing new by itself, but the price range of Starwind does bring this product to even small businesses. The technology is a active-active synchronous mirroring where you will have multiple paths to the data and it curently supports two node clusters. Perfect for use with VMWare or Hyper-V application data. Check it out on their homepage soon; it will be released in about a week from now!