PowerShell Library and PowerExe Builder updated (again!)

This evening the PowerShell Library was updated to version Use Update-SPELComponents to update, then restart PowerShell.

  • Added support for icons for PowerExe Builder and changed infrastructure for SelfHostedPS Icons to handle raw images instead of temp files.
  • Removed support for commandline arguments as introduced in (manually specifying arguments, manifested as variables inside the running application)
  • Added support for standard parameter sections: PARAM. It supports all data type attributes for all .net built in primitives, mandatory parameter setting, and the parameter name and help message attributes. It will however try honoring all unkown data types but will warn when building if not supported and it might not work.

Also, PowerExe Builder, have been updated (to to reflect the above changes. This can be most noted in that the parameter setup windows have been removed as this magic now is done in the background by the library at runtime and no manual intervention is needed. Also two minor cosmetic bug fixes have been implemented.