Sorlov.PowerShell rebranding and re-launch

Today I have the pleasure of releasing Generation 5 of my library Sorlov.Powershell, now rebranded to SPEL (Sorlov Powershell Extension Library). Many internal components have been revamped. Integration and need for third party components have all but some been removed and the library now do not contain functionality found in stock PowerShell as the PowerShell evolution have been moving forward.

The major functionality is still self-hosted PowerShell exe-files, services, and not to mention the support for HTA-based PowerShell scripts.

This new version also breaks updating since a new model is in place; it still supports the same configuration files but you need to manually remove the old
version to install the new version (ie delete all binaries under \WindowsPowerShell\Modules\Sorlov.PowerShell or where you have installed it) and then run the installer.

Read more and download from the SPEL information page.