SharePoint Connections Amsterdam 2011

I will be joining Steve Fox, Mirjam van Olst, Wouter Van Vugt, Asif Rehmani and many others presenting at the SharePoint Connections on Tuesday 22:nd and Wednesday 23:th in the Meervaart in Amsterdam. I have three full sessions listed below. See you there!


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Using Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace or Live to sign in
SharePoint has become one of the most interesting platforms for building communities. A successful community must also have a secure and easy way of managing users and logins. By it’s native support for Claims SharePoint is able to utilize external authentication gateways or STS to perform authentication. To put it in simple words, you could login to SharePoint using Microsoft Live authentication, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. During this presentation I will outline the components of Claims authentication by practical demos, and build a custom authentication gateway (STS) that connects to multiple external services like Live and Facebook to make it very easy for users to authenticate to SharePoint.


Demystifying Claims
With SharePoint 2010 administrators had the honor of being one of the first to administer software that had native support for Claims. Compared to NTLM, which many still use today, Claims is a giant leap and there is much new technology to learn. At the same time administrators have less and less time to learn new technologies. During this session we will uncover some of the great mysteries of Claims by simple examples and lots of demos.

PowerShell for non-programmers
SharePoint 2010 opened the doors for easy administration by using scripts in PowerShell, making the everyday task simple and easy to repeat. But it also opened the door on creating PowerShell functionality within SharePoint, to make a site or function easy to change, dynamic. In this session we will look at how you can use PowerShell to hook functionality in SharePoint and process data by using PowerShell.