Personal happiness and a bit of WDS.

Today I got a really exciting mail from TechEd. The final evaluation results were in on the sessions this year. My session was rated the 5th of all the interactive sessions this year!! That’s really exciting and fun. It makes me focus even higher on the presentations that are ahead.

Anyways there is not so much time before Christmas and I’m currenty building a deployment system with over 350 computers that will be refreshed almost nightly, the solution will be based entierly on the MDT, WDS and other “build-in” tools of Windows Server 2008 R2. The clients will be Windows 2008 R2 running Hyper-V. We will also bridge country borders with this solution. The comming weeks I will be publishing some scripts and how-to’s based on the work we now do. So if you wonder why the blog is a bit quiet just now thats because I’m so into this project.