Getting my hands dirty with some Sharepoint build 14.0.4514.1009 (Beta2?)

Here I am in Amsterdam attending a Sharepoint Ignite at Microsoft with some of the brightest guys around. Nice to have some time and deep-dive into the stuff that I don’t find time for in “real life”.

I was expecting to see some pre-beta code and perhaps to deep into the Technical Preview I’ve seen since before. But to my suprise: When starting the virtual machines it feelt almost complete: all the icons where there, most features work. And behold: the build was 14.0.4514.1009 which I would expect to be Beta 2 code or atleast a interim build on the road to Beta 2. The build is about three weeks old by looking on the dates on the files.

For me as IT-Pro there is some really nice features: Sandboxing, Unified Logging, No more SSP (well kind of.. there is “proxies/connectors” instead), Flexible delegation and administration, Tenant Administration and lots more of exciting stuff. There is even really nice features in Backup, and continuity such as support for database mirroring. In regards to security many features are the same, but I have much more granual control of who can do what. And I can have sub-administrators in Central Administration. Files can be stored externally (using SQL-FileStreams) and much more. I WILL be back on this really soon!

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