Big news! PerformancePoint merged into Sharepoint

Microsoft made a strategy announcement this past friday and letting us know that PerformancePoint, after the next servicepack, will be integrated into Sharepoint Enterprise License and not to be sold as a standalone product. This means that one of the big obstacles in deploying PerformancePoint is cleared: the price. BI to everyone! After April 1st there will be no more PerformancePoint stand-alone product. I can’t wait until Office 14 hits the streets! It also means that Microsoft is centralizing its BI efforts into three products: Excel, Sharepoint and SQL Server. Since this is a SA benefit you can already today deploy PerformancePoint at no additional cost if you are a lucky holder of a Sharepoint 2007 ECAL SA – thats right! No need to wait! Read more on the Microsoft BI site.