After a couple of years of silence , I thought once more to get me behind the keyboard again. It’s both fun and scary,  it’s enough time now. Here you will find general about Office 365, Microsoft’s productivity platform, but also about other things that relate to it. All through the eyes of a technician, ie me. Also thought to concentrate on what’s new, some Swedish links to otherwise quite globalized information. Well, then you’ll get affected by contacting me!

Hur testar jag nya funktioner enkelt?
VYou have started to “nag” a lot about advanced security features in the past. One of the problems I often hear is that it is difficult and difficult to set up tests and how to conduct tests on Microsoft’s online platforms. A simple solution to at least how to test these new security features can be found in the Office 365 Test Lab Guides. It’s simple step by step guides that will guide you through how to best set up and evaluate the various features. Read more at

Datacenter in Hyperscale
One of the first things I had the privilege of doing when I started at Microsoft was to visit a couple of our data centers. I thought so well before I thought it would be fun to see Dublin and Amsterdam more than maybe the data center ..; P .. because I have seen my prone part of data centers over the years. How awesome could it really be? I was not only surprised, impressed and seduced. I was completely resigned. The scale that Microsoft’s data center is built and operated in means that you can not really understand it until you walk through the floor, hundreds of feet on each floor. Crazy impressive. We sometimes have the privilege of bringing customers on tours in the data center, talking to your customer manager if you’re crazy, but it’s often a pretty big process. If you now can not, have time or have time to go there with your customer team, you can see more of Microsoft’s data center to learn more about here:

Office App Launcher
The last thing I was thinking about this time is Microsoft’s new applauncher, located in Office 365, a product that you can actually use for really. Right now we have concentrated on making it useful to users, that is, they can move, fix and arrange the menus as they wish. Most features are available to you who use Exchange Online, including tabs, and the ability to move things if you do not have Exchange Online. Later we will build on more administrative functions, there is already ongoing work on this. Read more at