Yammer is a part of Groups!

In the department of some older news, I would like to remind you of an incredibly important news that really shows Microsoft’s investments on Yammer as a platform. So for those who believe that Yammer has taken their last breath, or is heading for safe death, believe wrong. We have one of the greatest possible development plans in our history of Yammer, and it’s a social network for companies that actually develop and adapt to new modern tools and working methods.

Soon, we can now use all SharePoints strengths when we handle files in Yammer, that is, version management, document management principles, and all security features. Easy access to Planner, OneNote and more for users, competent management and control through Office 365 and its admin center.

Read more at https://blogs.office.com/2016/09/26/yammer-strengthens-team-collaboration-through-integration-with-office-365-Groups/